Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Reinvent the Wheel, er, Rocket?

One of the many topics included in this blog is rocketry and space exploration, and I thought this was one of the coolest things I have heard of in a while. Seems the rocket scientists at NASA are taking a page from their past and taking a closer look at the old F-1 engine as they develop new engines for a new generation of lift vehicles.

The F-1. As in the engine that powered the Saturn V rockets. You know, the ones that went to the moon. The moon! The most powerful engines ever built. And they were built with 1960s technology. Of course, I have a fondness for 1960s technology anyway (see also, the never ending '65 Mustang project), but this seems almost too cool. OK, so actually it was only part of the engine that was tested, the gas generator to be specific, but it's good to see these young whipper snappers look to the old timers for inspiration.

Some of you may recall I visited the Marshall Space Center last year. The Saturn V is a big beast.

And for the record, specialist Kate Estes has got to have the absolute coolest last name at NASA. Get it?

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