Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Going Global

We were talking about Google analytics at work, and I was showing someone the analytics for this blog as an example. Which got me wondering about some of my global visitors.

The vast majority are from the United States. No surprise there. Some come for the Indy car model content, some for the gaming content, some for who knows why. But being based in Michigan, I would expect most of my readers would be stateside.

I have to admit, though, that #2 surprised me a bit. Certainly I have multiple posts on Russo-Finnish miniatures and games, but I didn't think that would necessarily attract that much interest from Russia itself! If you're visiting from Russia, please let me know! And only two from Finland? My wife's ancestors are Finnish, so I hope you feel welcome!

Back to #3. China. I have a few posts now about Chinese aircraft in the Sino-Japanese War. Maybe that was enough to attract attention? There's certainly a lot more Japanese subject matter here, and no one from Japan has stopped by. Hmm.

Canada, UK and Australia at #4, #5 and #6. I know I have some regulars from the UK, and that's great. A bastion for gaming - and motorsports - if there ever was one. And Australia, how can you not love Australia? Look for more Aussie content soon with some RAAF P-40s possibly hitting the bench soon.

Germany, Indonesia and Poland. Huh. There is some mention of Germans here, so I guess it's not surprising someone there landed here. I wonder what grabbed the attention of anyone in Indonesia or Poland? I'd like to know.


  1. You would have had Ireland but I'm currently in England!

  2. We need to get you back to Ireland, then! Like so many American, I have my fair share of Irish ancestry. I suppose it doesn't get much more Irish than my great-great (or is it three greats?) grandparents, Michael Patrick Clarey and Kathleen Bridget Murphy from Belfast!

    1. I wish he would bugger off back to Oreland and stop bothering me all the bloody time!