Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's CY6 Dogfight

First off, apologies for no photos as I forgot my camera, but I did get a CY6 game in as part of the New Year's Eve festivities. The family was invited over to a neighbor's for some eats and some boardgames. I took the opportunity to introduce said neighbor to historical gaming. He's an avid D&D and Magic player, but had never tried historicals.

So I started him out with my simple Dogfight at Kaneohe CY6 scenario. He took the two American P-36s, and I took the three Japanese Zeroes. Each of us had one +1 pilot, the others were all 0. We started at TAL 5, speed four, him about 12 hexes at my 4 o'clock. We closed quickly and got off some deflection shots to no avail, then my +1 got on the tail of his 0. It took me a couple turns (after some bad rolling after scoring a hit) to shoot him down. I actually got him with airframe damage, then he attempted a split s, but we forgot to do the crew check!

I got his other plane on a head on shot where I rolled well, and he rolled badly on his robustness roll. So I shot both Americans down, with the only "damage" to me being one aircraft out of ammo!

It had been months since I played a game, so I kept the rulebook close at hand. Still, he picked up the movement concepts pretty much immediately, and though he didn't get much firing in, seemed to "get" the firing mechanism easily, too. The wives thought it was a long game, but he agreed it was short, probably about an hour and a half, which included a crash course in learnng the game. It looks like he is going to be attending a con with me in a couple weeks, so that's good too. Fun times!

And Happy New Year, everyone!

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