Friday, January 4, 2013

So How Did I Do?

I thought it might be interesting to go back and review my 2012 goals, and see how I did:

  • Finish the Mustang. This is a hard and fast goal. A priority. I need to follow up with the body man to see how that's going. I've kind of stalled on reassembling the engine, what with the cold and dark weather, the holidays, etc. I have a bad feeling a lot of that is just going to sit there until spring. Bah! Hah! Hah! Anyone who has followed this knows this didn't come close to happening. What PITA cluster that turned into last spring. But the new guy is making progress, and insists he will return the body to me in February. Then I just have to put it together. Maybe this summer....
  • Finish a few model cars. I've had the Foyt Olds and Foyt '64 Watson on the bench a long time, and honestly it shouldn't take much to finish either. Oh, for a quiet Saturday afternoon. After that, I would like to do the '78 Unser Indy winner and the '55 Sweikert Indy winner, at least. Despite all of my many hobbies, Indy remains my true passion, and I really would like to devote more time to this aspect of my hobbies. I did finish the Olds and Watson, but not the '78 or '55. I also made good progress on the '57 winner, but it's not done either. I need to get back to these.
  • On the game front:
    • With a colleague, we have unofficially set a goal of putting on an AWI game at Spartacon 2013. All these years of participating, it's probably time to put one on ourselves. This gives us a year to prepare. The Weitzel's Mill game we did last spring is a possibility. AWI has long been one of my favorites, and while I still have figs to paint, I have my eye on some Perry minis and some Eurekas that could be in the budget in 2012. Not going to happen again in 2013. Sigh. One of these years. I did pick up a few Eureka minis in 2012, though. This still remains the period I am best equipped to put on a quality game.
    • Continue collecting and painting aircraft for CY6. I'm really enjoying these. I might start getting some WW1. While I didn't get any WW1, I have continued to build the WW2 forces. And even played a few games! I'll call this one a success. I really like this game.
    • WW2 skirmish: Had an enjoyable game just last week, so this is top of mind at the moment. Russo-Finnish is basically done, with the exception of some odds and ends. I debate about getting vehicles. Maybe. I also hope to continue early war Germans and British, and may consider purchasing French. This is an area I wish I had a regular opponent willing to do a side. Man, did this fall off the radar. I picked up a few more figs, but virtually no painting done.
    • WW1: This is something that's recently perked back to the top. I have a lot of 15s, and am considering rebasing for skirmish. We'll see. Not really a priority, but an intriguing possibility. Also fell back into the pile. I still have my eye on CDIV Test of Battle.
    • ACW: I have a bunch to paint. Always would like to buy more, but I really need to get that pile down! I don't think I bought any more in 2012. Still would like to keep this one going.
    • Liberators: Started in the fall, haven't made much progress. I'd like to revisit as time permits. This might be long-term. Yup, definitely long-term.
    • Age of Sail: A recent endeavor, but an interesting one. I have a list of ships I'd like to get... This actually picked up steam in 2012, no pun intended. I've finished one, and have another mostly done. Hopefully soon I will be able to have a sample game with them. And I ordered a few more. Verrrry interesting.
    • WW2 naval: Honestly, this wouldn't take much to "finish." I have some British I did many years ago, and should just spring for the Germans (i.e., Bismarck) and call it good. A quick and easy game, too, which is appealing. I did it! I ordered some more from C-in-C and actually painted them, and even played a sample game! Chalk this up as a success.
    • Dark Ages: Still languishing in the box, perhaps awaiting someone to get one of the exciting new rules out? No plans to expand or do much of anything in 2012, but I hate to get rid of them. Not much happened in 2012, but 2013 is off to a roaring start as I just took advantage of Black Tree's 50% sale to order some more, including Normans. I am verrrrry intrigued by Saga. Haven't bought it yet, but tempted.
    • Pirates: Why do I keep these? Why indeed. Didn't touch them in 2012, and no plans in 2013.
    • Wild West: Likewise. No plans to do much with them at the moment. And nothing happened. And no plans at the moment.
    • Aztecs: Again, no plans. Pretty, though. Hate to sell these as well. Not only did I keep them, I bought a few more from Eureka. I am intrigued by their potential adaptation to Saga, so I will keep these for now.
    • Ancient Greeks: A few Xystons still languishing in a box. Probably still not a priority in 2012, though you never know where inspiration will come from. And they still languish, though I did pick up a handful of ancient ships, so you never know.
All in all, not bad, I suppose. There's never as much time as one would like, of course. 2013 could potentially be the year of the Mustang. I will be very glad to get that done. So will my wife, I'm sure. That has been a time and financial drain. Money and time that could be spent on model cars and gaming!

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