Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hangover

Had a good night trick or treating with the wee ones last night. So maybe it's a good day to post these photos. While it has been years (decades?) since being actively engaged in any sort of Dungeons & Dragons or other fantasy gaming, I do occasionally like to dig out some of the old minis for a trek down memory lane. There remains something about the old Grenadier castings that I can only describe as pure. No wild fantastic schemes. No worrying about accuracy. Just good old fashioned heroes taking on the evil hordes in some incredible adventure.

These happen to be from the Nick Lund goblin collection. I did have delusions at one point of maybe doing a skirmish game or something with them, and maybe someday I will. One can only do so many bluecoats and redcoats, after all. I still have quite a few of these and other Grenadier minis in the stash, some with the horrid paint jobs I applied with Testors enamels as a kid, some I bought painted by others (not so well) and some still without any paint at all.

These are often the most enjoyable elements of my many hobbies. No researching uniform colors. No worrying about paint color or decal accuracy. No worrying about why I have leftover bolts after reassembling a heater box. Just sit and paint however you want. Perhaps a good way to start what will surely be a frantic two months with the upcoming holidays and all.

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