Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Berdan's Sharpshooters

Another unit recently finished. Well, at least as far as it's going to go right now. No leader yet, and I still have some more unpainted, but how many sharpshooters does one need? These were also a nice break from the usual blue, grey, red and drab I usually paint. Nice, crisp green uniforms, probably not nearly dirty enough, but I like how they look.

These are all from Dixon, painted primarily with Testors Euro Dark Green acrylic, with the rest the usual mix of Testors and Vallejo. Oh, and Reaper. I don't think I've mentioned on any of these posts yet that I typically use Reaper flesh. Seems the best to me. Then a wash of Vallejo saddle brown, though I recently bought some Games Workshop brown flesh ink that I intend to try. When? Who knows? I seem distracted by other projects again!

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