Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Walking Like an Egyptian

My second unit of colonials is complete - an Egyptian unit in later Sudan war kit. These are also 15mm from Essex, and are very nice and painted up well. I painted the flag in the colors of the 3rd Egyptian for no particular reason. I suppose a unit this small could have been provided a company flag, but this is prettier.

The Sudan project is proceeding well. I now have the Sudan Osprey book, as well as the Omdurman Campaign book. In addition, upon the suggestion of a poster at TMP, I downloaded Slatin's Fire and Sword in the Sudan on my iPad. Should make for some interesting reading.

As perhaps mentioned, I am initially looking at The Men Who Would Be Kings for the rules. Those also arrived yesterday, and so far they are looking good. I've seen some mixed reviews out there - some really seem to like it a lot, some feel it falls a bit short in certain areas. For what I am trying to do, with limited knowledge, they should do the trick. Eventually I may also get the venerable Sword and the Flame rules.

In the meantime, fear not, Dervishes are on the way from 19th Century Miniatures! And I also ordered a few more Essex and a smattering of Peter Pig to fill out some holes, create some "scenario fodder," etc. And, of course, some terrain has been started, with ideas on making some more. All in due course!

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