Friday, October 28, 2016

Highlanders for Sudan

I've been enjoying painting up these old Essex 15mm figures more than I expected - even the Highlanders! Now don't get me wrong, I love Highlanders. After all, that's where the family tree has its deepest roots. I've always wanted to do a William Wallace/Robert Bruce army, or even a Jacobite one for the '45. But the plaid!

These guys definitely took longer than the other British unit and the Egyptians completed so far. But in the end I think they turned out nice. I went with a sort of Gordon/Black Watch "representative" tartan - basically Imperial Blue with Leaf Green stripes (Vallejo colors). Then you have sporrans and socks on these guys that you don't have to worry about on others. It strained my poor old eyes at times, but I suspect they will probably be one of my favorite units. Or is that favourite?

I have enough command figures leftover I could do one more unit, if I get brave enough to buy enough soldiers to fill it out! We'll see. Camerons, anyone?

So that's three units done, which if I upgraded them enough in TMWWBK would probably get me to 24 points. But I also have one more British unit on the bench, which I may or may not finish yet today while waiting for the Dervishes to arrive. That would get me to 24 for sure, then I could start in on some alternate units that would allow me to mix up my forces. Camel Corps, perhaps? Lancers? Sudanese? Seems the possibilities are endless!

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