Friday, October 7, 2016

Start of a Qi Army

A while back I posted about backing a Kickstarter from Watchful I Studios for some ancient Chinese from the Warring States period. It's really something I know very little about, but having seen an exhibit on the Terracotta Warriors, and with my daughters' interest in all things Chinese, I jumped in. My Kickstarter experiences have been hit or miss, but I am pleased to say this one is a big hit!

While I settled on a Qi army early on (that's one of the seven warring states - I should probably do a post on that one of these days) for no particular reason, it took me a while to settle on a color scheme. Info from the period is a bit sketchy, and I saw different color combinations mentioned in different sources. In the end, I decided no one could tell me I'm wrong (a refreshing change from my norm), so I went with a primary color of green, with blue accents. I think it looks pretty good!

The figures are 28mm metal, well cast. They come in multi pieces, allowing some combination of heads and armament. Overall, though, they are pretty much all in the same marching pose. The designer says he is impressed by the sight of huge multitudes marching, as apparently seen in movies. I'd prefer some more "action" poses, but nonetheless these are painting up nicely and I'm sure would look good en masse.

The goal here is to use these with Lion Rampant, or "Fu Dog Rampant" as the variation I have been working on is tentatively called. (Dragon Rampant being already taken!) One key difference is unit size. Lion Rampant is based on units of six or 12. Watchful I provides figures in packs of five, which historical units of the period are based on, and is considered a lucky number in China. Right now I'm thinking of just fielding units in groups of five or 10, and allowing them to shrug off the first and second hits, respectively. Obviously some testing is required. Watchful I says its goal is to create a set of rules, with units based on units of five. So five it shall be.

So far I have a unit of heavy infantry, one of light infantry and a light cavalry unit done, with some archers and another light infantry on the bench. And more to assemble and paint! Paint is the usual mix of Vallejo and Testors, with Citadel ink washes, which I really like. Banners are also from Watchful I.

 Watchful I also has a great lineup of items with a more fantasy bent, including Terracotta Warriors come to life, and other undead. I picked up a set of the Fu Dogs that have come to life. There was also mention in the Kickstarter of a Dragon. Dragon Rampant might come into play yet!


  1. I like these and the period in general, seen a documentary or two on the period!

  2. Superb looking figures, great job!