Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I Think I'll Slip On Down to the Oasis

I had an additional moment of Zen yesterday while plugging away on the Sudan project. One needs very few trees for terrain!

I've never quite got the "look" of American forests down for AWI or ACW, or for that matter even European woods for Saga and such. So many trees! And let's not even start on Central American or African or Southeast Asian terrain needs.

So this came as something of a revelation, and provided enough incentive to begin some terrain. I suppose an oasis would be an important feature for all sides, so let's start there. This was remarkably simple - and inexpensive. The only thing purchased new was the cork, and that came half off at an office supply store that is closing.

I cut the tile to shape, cut a hole in the middle and glued a thin piece of styrene sheet on the bottom for the water. I painted mine Testors Dark Sea Blue. Perhaps it should be a bit "muddier," but it looks good to my eye. Some chopped up bits of cork and some pumice gel represent some bits of rock and sand. The grass I had on hand and glued down with super glue and PVC glue. The palm trees came from a set I picked up at a dollar store a while back that had not found a home yet.

There, ready to be placed on a caravan route perhaps? Maybe one scouted out by some Dervishes for an ambush?

Speaking of which, I received a shipping notice that the Dervishes are on their way. Gentlemen, start your paint brushes!

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