Thursday, July 14, 2016

Welcome to the Old West Town of Tranquility

It's been a hot summer. Kind of like the old days out west. So what better to work on than my old west town?

I've had about half a dozen buildings for a while, but this is the first one actually finished. It's the Sheriff's Office from Tri-City Laser, available via Knuckleduster Miniatures. It's very solid construction, and has some great details like the jail bars.

Old West seems like it always gives a fun game. We played a few many years ago using The Rules With No Name, and I would kind of like to get back to that. These figures were painted up back then, but I also have some more in the works. Back then we played using paper buildings, but those got wrecked in a basement water incident, hence the purchase of these. I've also included a sneak peek photo of the saloon.

Other buildings I'm working on are a bank (got to have a place to rob), a newspaper office, a stage stop, a couple of stores (hardward and dry goods?) and a two-story building I'm not sure what I will do with yet. Some things I want: Sawmill, blacksmith/livery, hotel, corner saloon, barber/doc, dance hall, mining supply/mine, railroad station... the list goes on. And some houses, of course.

It should be noted I have been able to work on these for a couple reasons. First and foremost I am stuck waiting for parts on back order for the primary summer project: the Mustang. I should provide an update on that, I just haven't gotten to it. Second is the fact we have no air conditioning right now, which has made me kind of lethargic and not wanting to stay inside. So I've set the building construction site up in our screen room. I think the wife isn't too happy about the mess, but c'est la vie. Hopefully more to come!

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