Monday, July 25, 2016

Wargaming 101

Wargaming 101 - that's how a friend described this photo, so I'm sticking with it. That's my daughter Kate learning how to play chess. And she's a quick learner! Game one she pushed me to the limit. It turned into an exchange slugfest, until finally I had her down to just her king and one pawn and could corner her.

Game 2 went a little better for me, but she was still tough. Sometimes I think it is more difficult to play people new to the game, because they do not know what they are "supposed" to do. Their unpredictability makes them dangerous.

She then decided she needed to learn more to learn how to beat me, so I got out one of my old basic chess books. After looking through the first bits, she declared "This is all introdooshin. I don't need introdooshin. I need to know how to beat you." :) O.K., skip ahead to chapter 7, "Strategy."

Sometimes she is too smart for her own good. Scary, that.

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