Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hobby Fund Update

The current round of ebay selling is over. Not everything went, but the big items did, and I ended up making just a tick under $300. That's gross ebay sales, not including shipping charges (which, of course, are mostly added on top of the sales price), ebay fees, paypal fees, etc. So I've been making multiple trips to the post office. The big boxes go out today. Can't wait to see what they cost! I suspect I undercharged on shipping on those. We'll see.

But the hobby fund is very grateful for the infusion. Of course, I've already spent about half of it! Mostly on items to upgrade the slot car track, including new track, new parts, and, most exciting, some new resin March 84C bodies and decals from Indycals. I'll need to do a real slot car post one of these days, but suffice to say I'm approaching it more from a modelling standpoint than a "how fast can I make this go" standpoint. I also ordered some bits and pieces to refurbish some old Estes model rockets I had lying around so I can get that fleet up and going before the end of summer.

There's a number of other things I have my eye on (WW2 Belgians from Warlord Games, anyone?), but I need to finish some current projects first, I think.

For now, I'll take a short break from ebay, but I'm sure there's lots more that could go...

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