Friday, July 20, 2012

Fast Friday: 1984 Danny Ongais March 84C - in 1/64!

Sometimes you just need a fast and fun little project to get things moving. Such was the case with this fantastic little slot car kit from FastBodies. I think I mentioned a while back that I had acquired an old '70s vintage slot car track, and started collecting a few cars to tear around it. Well, as I am primarily an Indy fan when it comes to motorsports, that's where my eye wandered. I discovered this guy selling resin bodies designed to fit on an AFX chassis, and away I went!

I ordered two bodies, and he also tossed in a couple extra "miscasts" that I can also play around with. Very nice. These are really superb. Very simple, yet possessing quite a bit of detail for this scale. The rear wing structure is actually separate to be mounted directly to the chassis, which while that limits versatility, does make it look a lot better.

I really didn't do much in terms of any filling or prep work, just dove right in. I did sand the rear wing down to look like a speedway wing, but left the front wings in road course configuration because I was a little worried about strength in the event of the car flying off the track. Those are notorious for breakage on Tyco cars. So this is a bit of a hybrid, but it looks cool.

I used Tamiya white primer, with a top coat of Testors lacquer. A bit of automotive polish, then on went the decals from Indycals, which went on as smoothly as usual. The whole thing was topped off with a coat of Future.

With the exception of the chassis, here's everything you get in the kit.

I have one more chassis, but I may have to get some more. These are great fun! And it only took me a few days!

For the record, Danny Ongais drove this car to 9th place at the 1984 Indy 500. Ironically, that's the only race I have missed since 1980. I did make it to time trials, though, and the Michigan 500, so I did see this car run I'm sure.

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