Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gettysburg: 149 Years and a Week or So Later

I really should have posted this photo a week ago. One of my favorite minis, Dixon's representation of General Lewis Armistead as he would have appeared at the height of Pickett's charge at Gettysburg, hat pierced by sword an all. Alas, Armistead was mortally wounded in the ensuing assault on the Union positions. Somewhat limited then in tabletop possibilities, but a joy to paint.

I've also included a couple other shots of another random Confederate regiment completed some time ago. Again primarily, if not all, Dixon minis. Painted with the usual assortment of Vallejo and Testors paints.

I wonder if I will ever be able to sit down and paint all of those ACW minis languishing in the unpainted pile. Much less ever put them on a table in action. Sigh.

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