Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Is it Worth Selling to Exit a Gaming Period?

I’ve had some more success on ebay recently, which is leading me to ponder what else I can get rid of.

Last week I sold four lots of some old Heroes in Action army toys, netting about $130. I know, it shocked me, too. I also sold a copy of Tactica Ancients. It was interesting, but a period I probably just was never going to get into.

This week I put up a bunch of old Micronaut toys. Remember those? Some good bids so far, too. Basically, combined with last week, I’m north of $160, with several days to go. Good thing, too, the hobby budget needed an infusion.

There is a small number of other random gaming bits and pieces if you want to check it out. Seller macsparty2.

Which brings me back to what else can go. I’m actually considering parting with other sets of figures from three other periods where gaming has just not been happening. (Remind me to get some photos.) To wit:
  • Aztecs/Conquistadores: Truly a fascinating period for me, and I painted up a fair number of minis many years ago. Combination of 25 mm Monday Knight and Foundry, and some other whose name eludes me at the moemnt. But never enough for a full-blown battle, and I never got beyond the pet store aquarium section for scenery. But in 15 years, I’ve never done a single game.
  • Pirates: Man, these were fun to paint. How can you not like pirates? A mixed bag of Foundry and Dixon mostly, maybe some Old Glory. I even made a ship out of balsa and card from the plans that were in WI. I even started writing my own set of rules. But just one ship does not a great game make, and interest moved on to other projects. Again, not a single game was ever played with these unfortunate scourges of the sea.
  • WWI: OK, this one would be tough to part with, even though I haven’t done a game in >15 years. This was really the period that got me into gaming. Must be 20 years ago now I spotted the “Over the Top” rulebook in a hobby store while out of town on business, and I remember reading it in the hotel room that night. A few packs of Minifigs 15mm later, and I was on my way. I actually played a few games with it, though there were some confusing aspects to the rules (suppressed?). I added lots to it over the years, including plenty of Peter Pig. So it’s a fairly impressive collection, with early and late war Germans, late war British and early war French mostly, with some Austrians and Indians thrown in for good measure. Not a ton, but a fair amount of artillery and cavalry too. And a bit of armor and vehicles, and some scenery. I even started making a modular trench system out of foam board. I’d have to get a good price to make me feel OK about this.

For now, I think I’d like to hang on to my Dark Age stuff. Saga looks intriguing, and you never know. AWI, ACW and WW2 skirmish and CY6 have all been either gamed or added to in the past six months, so those are keepers for sure.

I guess I either need some justification to keep them, or get on to padding the budget for more current interests.



  1. Sometimes you have to do it, sometimes you regret it others not. I regret selling my 15mm Mex-American Wars armies about 10 years ago. And I'm thinking of selling my Trojan Wars and Rep Romans and Carthaginians, just to add to other projects. What's a wargamer to do?????