Monday, June 4, 2012

Posting Game Scenarios: Technologically Deficient

So last week I had to take some work home with me, which fortunately doesn't happen often. But while rifling through my case, I found some old AWI scenarios I wrote some years ago for The British Are Coming! I had started reentering them, with the thought of either compiling them in some sort of booklet, or just making them available online.

I have some CY6 scenarios written up as well, mostly small stuff for Pearl Harbor and the Aleutians. Nothing finalized, really, and they need additional testing.

The question is, how best to do that? How best to host them for download? On the assorted Yahoo sites? I'd like to put them here, somehow, or at least direct link them but I'm a bit technology challenged.

Would anyone be interested in seeing these? The CY6 stuff is probably more immediately ready to go, but I could try to do some AWI in my spare (hah!) time.


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  1. I think you can post them here on a separate page....