Monday, June 25, 2012

Random Misc Hobby Update

The summer winds seem to have scattered the hobby activities, but all is not lost! Here's a brief sampling of what's been happening of late.
  • Gaming: I picked up the June issue of Wargames Illustrated over the weekend and began perusing it last night before bed. It's theme is Bonnie Prince Charlie and the 45, and as one of Scottish descent I've always found this period fascinating. Not quite fascinating enough to justify painting all those kilts and doing it as a full-blown gaming period, mind you, but fascinating! A thought has entered my head that perhaps a skirmish level foray in this era could be more appropriate than trying to redo Falkirk or Cullodden? Hmmmm. Those Front Rank figs are very nice. And I actually did buy a Charlie figure years ago that has never been painted. Hmmm. For the record, my clan was on the Jacobite side...
  • Rocketry: While at the FLHS, I also picked up a new rocket and some engines. This new rocket has flowers on it (!), so the girls should like it. Some assembly required. :)
  • Mustang: This weekend also saw a fairly epic cleaning of the garage. My wife held a garage sale and cleared a lot out, and I hauled away some of the parts to an off-site storage facility. The upshot is, the Mustang is back under a roof and better protected from the elements. Hopefully work can begin again soon.
  • Slot car racing: Wait, slot car racing?! Yes, I made yet another hobby plunge and bought a duplicate of a Aurora AFX set I had as a kid. I've also bought a few new old cars and various bits and pieces to get them running smoothly again. I'll have to put more details in a forthcoming post.

I also sold a bunch of old army toys from my youth on ebay, helping fund the ever-low hobby budget a bit. So that certainly helps!

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  1. This is the best issue of the mag in a long, long time!!