Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Adding to the Fyrd

As any Anglo-Saxon warlord in Saga will tell you, size matters. A lot. As such, one can never have too many warriors in one's fyrd.

So here are an additional 10 for mine. These are from Renegade Miniatures, and lovely minis they are. They were a joy to paint, and look great finished with the usual Vallejo and Testors paints. I did use Little Big Man Studio transfers for the shields, and I think they turned out rather well.

This gives me 36 Anglo-Saxon warriors, or four points. That gives me quite a bit of flexibility in unit makeup. I would probably go for three units of 12, but who knows. I also have 16 hearthguard, or four more points. Although to be fair, four of those have the big two-handed axes and are probably more suited for an Anglo-Dane force. (I also have four more of those to paint...) But I am not such a purist that I would not use these warriors in an Anglo-Dane force.

What with my start on a Norman faction, before long we'll be doing Hastings!

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