Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meanwhile, in Belgium

Here's a little gem, a Belgian T-15 from Warlord Games. That should scare the Germans!

Actually this is a very nice little kit. I painted it with Testors Olive Green, then gave it a wash of dark brown to give it the brownish green tint that seems to be uniquely Belgian. The turret roundel is a 1/144 WWI aircraft roundel decal. I had to paint a white circle underneath in order for the colors to show up. I hand painted the license - close enough. No idea on the number. The white "blob" insignia is also intended to be somewhat generic. Looks like the Belgians had several different insignia types.

I have yet to locate a T-13 model, which is based on the Carden-Lloyd carrier. I did get one of the 47mm gun carriers from Warlord, and have that on the bench as well. And I have an ACG-1 coming from Mad Bob's French vehicles Kickstarter that will be pressed into Belgian service. (I have much more faith in that Kickstarter, BTW. His Hungarian tanks are awesome!)

Also from Warlord I have painted a civilian truck, one squad of Chasseurs Ardennais and one of regular army. I'd really like to see Warlord finish up some support troops (machine gunners, especially) and officers to round out the line.

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