Monday, August 8, 2016

GAZ Trucks for the Invasion of Finland... and More

Some of you may have heard of the Winter War Miniatures Kickstarter run by Baker Company. Well, we're coming up on the three-year anniversary, and I have yet to see a single mini despite a rather significant investment. I've only backed a handful of Kickstarters, and this is by far the worst. No minis, no communication, nothing. What's worse, I even placed an order with Baker shortly after the Kickstarter ended for some Vietnam minis. Never got them. At least he answered my emails and said they were shipped and must have gotten lost in the mail. Still never got them. That's the ONLY time I have ever had a problem ordering from a company "across the pond." All in all I think I'm out about $300. That does not make me very happy. And I really wanted those field kitchens!

Rather than delay the project any more, I ordered some Russian trucks from Warlord. IF (BIG IF) I ever get the Baker ones, they will simply be added to the motor pool. You can never have too many trucks. But for now, my foot weary Battle Honors Russians can take a break, and the political officer can get out of the cold to operate the radio, assuring those in Moscow that all is going well...

These were painted with a simple coat of Testors medium green, then washed with a dark green and drybrushed field drab and earth. I didn't put any marking on them, one because I couldn't really find what they would be, and two because I wanted to keep them fairly generic.

Of course these will also see double duty on other areas of the eastern front as later war Russians get painted. The lack of canvas covers makes them a bit unsuitable for Finland, but they will have to do.

I also have a T-26 from Warlord in the works, since those from Baker are still in limbo. (And a T-34/76 and a T-34/85 and a BT-7....)

Now I have my eye on some buildings from Sarissa for use on the eastern front. Squirrel!

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