Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Project Too Far?

So I started looking at all of the in-progress projects on the bench last night, and quite frankly was horrified. Just on the partially painted miniatures front, I see:
  1. Several planes for CY6 (some just need clear coat and magnets)
  2. Some AWI British grenadiers that have been waiting forever to get finished
  3. A handful of Vikings and Saxons to finish off the initial Saga bands
  4. A WW2 British squad
  5. A WW2 German squad
  6. Some WWI British cavalry and French zouaves
  7. An ACW Union regiment
  8. Some Liberators 15mm figs
  9. A couple of leagues for Pulp Alley (One Canadian mounties, the other some dastardly Russians)
  10. A couple of Napoleonic naval ships
  11. A few 1/4800 WW2 ships
  12. Some small scale Colonial Vipers and Cylon Raiders for a CY6 variant

And that doesn't even count the 3 or 4 Indy cars in state of partial assembly, or the slot car project! Or the Hornet project, or ....

But lest all hope seem lost, I have managed to finish a few projects. Among them is this New France Settler's Cabin from 4Ground. These things are spectacular! I have since ordered a few more 4Ground products, and hope to post some more about them. Easy to assemble, no paint required, enough detail to be interesting but not fiddly. I think the wood material really captures the feel of the FIW period. (Oh, I didn't mention that project yet, did I? Ack!)


  1. Seems reasonable and normal to me mate, show me a wargamer who has nothing on the go and I'll show you a weirdo!

  2. Ha! That's so true! We are all one and the same in that regard, aren't we? I actually have finished a few things, just need to get some photos taken.