Friday, August 30, 2013

AWI It Is... For Now

While putting the finishing bits on my Saga forces (Saxons and Vikings - I really need to do the bases and take photos!), I placed an order for more minis. Yes, more.

I am making my first foray into plastics and decided to try the Perry AWI British. My erstwhile AWI opponent has done a box of these and says they are great. My main focus has been on the Americans, with some French, and I have just a handful of British. (Hey, that's been HIS side!) But it never hurts to have a small enemy force on hand, I suppose. I also ordered some French artillery, which I have none of.

Plus between Fife and Drum, and the new King's Mountain Miniatures, the AWI seems to be in a golden age at the moment. I should take advantage, and probably order some of those too!

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