Wednesday, September 26, 2012

We Had to Destroy the Mustang in Order to Save It

Well, not exactly "destroy." But it definitely had to be torn apart. Here are some photos my body man sent this morning on progress. That blurry one is a HUGE mouse nest that was up under the cowling. I know I removed a lot of mouse "evidence" prior to this, but hadn't gotten up under there. I lost count of how many mouse skeletons I pulled out of the seats and the carpet. Did I mention this spent a lot of time in an old country barn?

I ordered a new outer wheel well and trunk drops last night, so hopefully he has them by the weekend.

Long-time readers may recall the saga of last year, where the engaged "body man" did absolutely zilch. This guy did more in a week than the previous bozo did in seven months. At this rate, I'll have a rolling chassis ready to work with by Christmas. Guess I better get busy on getting that motor back together!

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  1. I see a wreck but good news and good luck again Scott!