Thursday, September 6, 2012

And in This Corner...

Of course, the Mexica need an opponent. How about these Tlaxcallans? Rather an interesting bunch. They hated the Mexica/Aztecs so much, they sided with the Spanish conquistadores. Some speculate the Mexica let them continue to exist so they could continue to have an opponent to fight. I.e., a steady stream of potential prisoners to be sacrificed on the bloody altars to their gods. I really need to read up more on this period.

Not a huge collection here. All minis from Monday Knight Productions. The Tlaxcallans can be distinguished by the red and white head bands. Pretty cool idea. Plus the fellow with the crane on his back just screams elite, doesn't he?

Alas, these have never seen table top action and have spent all their painted life in a box. Except when it's time for a photo shop. I suppose it's too early in the period to say "queso"?


  1. Nice work Scott, shame they've been locked away all the time!

  2. Thanks, guys, these are fun to paint, if time consuming! A classic "one of these days" project if there ever was one.