Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Has Sprung - And Hobbies Lose

Though technically the calendar says spring doesn’t start until next week, it has been unseasonably warm here lately. The thermometer in my car read 81 degrees yesterday on my drive home!

Coupled with the early return to daylight savings time, and the last few evenings have been spent outside. Much to the detriment of everything on my hobby bench, but man, is it nice out! For mid-March in mid-Michigan, this is great.

It had led me to thoughts of getting back to putting the Mustang engine back together. I did get my sandblaster up and running the other day, and I’ve gotten to work cleaning up the oil pan.

And the weather is supposed to stay nice for the foreseeable future, so the wife and I are talking about tackling out screen room this weekend (which accumulates an amazing amount of junk over the course of a winter), and maybe the garage. The garage is pretty much a disaster, mostly with Mustang stuff.

Still nothing much to report on trying get my money back. He’s pretty much gone to ground again and won’t answer the phone or emails. I’ve even tried his mom. No dice. Can you say small claims court?

Yesterday sure would have been a great day to drive it. Sigh.

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