Monday, March 12, 2012

Game Room Dreams

Last night, the wife and I packed the kids up and went to look at a house for sale. We don’t need a new house, mind you, but sometimes it’s nice to just look and see what’s out there. We had driven by this one a couple weeks ago, and it piqued our interest, and since our daycare provider is also a realtor, it was easy to arrange a viewing.

Like any house, it’s not perfect. There was a lot not to like, probably enough that we won’t consider pursuing it as it’s really not enough of an upgrade over our current home. But at the same time, it did have its positive points, and one of them would be a perfect game/hobby room.

Well, in my dreams, at least.

There is what could best be described as a “bonus room” above the garage, probably 15 or so feet wide by about 30 feet deep. Steeply angled ceiling (walls) with dormer windows. My mind instantly put a table in the middle with scenery on it, with perhaps a model railroad against the back wall and shelves for books, minis etc all around. And a work desk. And a paint booth. Ah.

Then reality hit as it was pointed out it would be a great playroom for the kids, evolving into a “teen” room someday with TV, etc.

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted. We’re probably better off where we are anyway. Though we do need to purge, I’ll admit to that. If we could get to the garage, we could have a garage sale. But that means getting the Mustang back together. Which is not happening with any sense of urgency.


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