Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Where I'm At

Yes, for starters, I'm still alive. And yes, it's been a while. But all is not lost on the hobby front!

I'm on a bit of an austerity program at the moment. Basically that means working on projects I already have, without adding to them (well, not much) and certainly not starting any new ones. With that, a brief outline of the areas of "focus" at the moment:

1. Ancient China: I have enough units painted up to do a game of Fu Dog Rampant. (I need to do a post on that, I think.) Still in the stash are a general's chariot, another unit of cavalry, another unit of archers and an infantry unit. Things I would like to add are a unit of crossbows, some levy and some repeating crossbows (bidowers). Possibly worth the addition.
2. Sudan: Still plugging away on the Dervishes. I'm about halfway with those and I should be able to do a game of The Men Who Would Be Kings. I have enough British/Egyptians. There is also more in the stash, including cavalry and camelry to keep this project interesting for a while.
3. Retro Raygun: I need to get some more scenery, which I have been doing on the cheap. I'd like some more Valkeeri and some Imperials, but that may have to wait. I hope to get episode 2 going soon!
4. Pike and Shotte: OK, this is a relatively new period for me. I started collecting some Cossacks from TAG last year, but haven't painted them yet. I'm looking forward to Pikeman's Lament for these. If I buy more, this might be where.
5. Aztecs: Well, I'd like to buy more here, too, but may not for a bit. I've had my eye on some from Outpost for a while. But I still have some from TAG to paint up first. And some Spanish. Still a period I am fascinated with, but I'm not 100% sure where I'm going with it yet. Oh, I also have some terrain from Acheson for this.
6. Saga: Always a favorite, and something I'm always puttering with. There are a few Vikings on the table at the moment, and in the stash are more Saxons (can't have enough) and an Era of Princes warband.

A few others that are hit and miss at the moment are Wild West, Pirates, Age of Sail, coastal and WW2.

And I have two projects that I bought minis for but have barely dented the surface: FIW and Seminole Wars, both using Muskets and Tomahawks.

Things kind of backburnered for the time being are CY6, AWI, ACW and WWI.

Yup, typical wargamer ADD. I'm sure I'm forgetting a period or two as well.

In other areas, I finished that dollhouse (need to get some pics), I've done some more boardgaming (got two new ones at Christmas) and even started a wooden model ship kit. And almost finished another Indy car! So lots going on there, and in life. Perhaps more to come later.

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