Monday, December 12, 2016

A-Wings and B-Wings and TIEs Oh My

A-Wings are fun to fly
After our rousing game of Retro Raygun last week, Jon and I kept to our space theme and headed to a galaxy far, far away for a game of X-Wing. I hadn't played in a long time, and was very rusty on the rules. But in the end, we muddled through for a fun game.

Jon (who always seems to end up playing the bad guys!) took a pair of TIE Interceptors and one TIE Fighter, while I countered with a pair of A-Wings and a B-Wing. We just put some meteors on the table and started at opposite sides and went at it.

And, of course, the Rebels won. :)

We didn't play with any additional special attributes or anything. But we discovered the A-Wings are quite maneuverable, if a bit light on weaponry, while the B-Wing drives like a tank but if anything gets in its way it's toast. And the general commentary was the Empire clearly is not concerned with pilot safety. How about some shields here, your eminence?!

I'd like to get this one out more often. I've tried it with my kids with mixed results, but they are getting older now and may be able to handle it better. I did end up buying one of the starter sets for my nephew/brother-in-law for Christmas, so maybe I can get a game or two in there.

B-Wings = tanks


This could get interesting....

Where'd all the TIEs go?

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