Monday, May 11, 2015

Racecars and Ancient China

How's that for a headline?

While the main purpose of my trip to Indianapolis last weekend was to see the Grand Prix, I had the wife and kids with me so the day after (Mothers Day), we visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum. We've been before, and for any of you with kids, it's highly recommended!

Anyway, one of the hands-on exhibits showcases the Chinese terracotta warriors. Since this was part of the recent Kickstarter from Watchful I that I pledged, I was particularly interested. What really caught my attention was the paint and color detail that has been uncovered. In fact, there is an entire interactive display showing the user how they ground various stones and mixed the powders with egg whites to make the pigments.

Of potential use to others looking to paint an army from the Chinese Warring States period, Qin or otherwise, I snapped a few photos. One is a recreated, fully painted statue (the middle one - the kids are mine!), and the other is my feeble attempt at a photo of an image. The final shot is just a cool picture.

Oh, they also have "broken" statues of foam rubber for visiting "archaeologists" to reassemble like a puzzle. Very cool and very interesting!

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