Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Fast Friday 2015!

For those that may not know, Fast Friday is the final Friday of practice before qualifications for the Indianapolis 500. It's the day teams really start to let things hang out, and we tend to see some really fast speeds.

But the way things have gone so far this year, I think we will all be happy to simply see all the cars keep the tires on the ground!

In recognition of Fast Friday, I present a couple of the HO slot cars I did up over the past year. These are resin kits from Fast Laps (Gary Fast) and are a joy to assemble and paint. Decals are from Indycals, which are always top shelf quality. Add a chassis, and voila!

The black one represents Al Unser Jr.'s 1984 March, while the white one is Howdy Holmes' 1984 March. Holmes is a cool story. Michigan guy like me, sat on the front row at Indy, and is now CEO of Jiffy Mix. Which, by the way, makes the best cornmeal mix and pancake mix you can buy. ;)

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