Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another Kickstarter: Ancient China?!

Perhaps against my better judgment and good sense, I pledged to another Kickstarter yesterday.

Thus far I guess I would say I am 1-1-1 in Kickstarters – one win, one loss and one still waiting. To be fair, that latter one includes the katyusha the other day, and I am confident that will turn into a victory sooner rather than later. The loss, well, even if I do ever get my Winter War items, I’m not sure I can ever count it as a true win since it has taken so long.

So what did I do this time? Ancient China! (Insert little yellow minion going wha? here.) Watchful I Studios is off to a great start. here.
You can see the details

Basically, these are for the Warring States period, or Qin Dynasty (you know, the terracotta warriors), or roughly 475-221 BC. I know next to nothing about the period, and don’t even know which warring state army I will choose to paint, but these just looked so cool. Ah, the curse of the gamer.

As for rules, I’m hoping something like Saga or Lion Rampant can be adapted. I’m not sure I want to get into the big battle stuff!

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to support another Kickstarter, but in the end decided this has the looks of a winner. It is run by Joe Krone, who also wrote the Osprey rules “Land of the Free,” among other strong experiences in the hobby. It really looks like he has done his homework with this.  

Another element (ha! See what I did there?) that convinced me is the fact my daughters seem interested in Chinese history, at least as much as two six year olds can be. We just went to EPCOT in Florida, and they were fascinated by the terracotta warrior exhibit. And the fu dogs just blew their minds to the point I had to buy a set. Of course, meeting Mulan was a nice bonus!

Where this goes, I have no idea. Maybe it will spark a big game. Maybe it will languish in the lead mountain. But it’s different. And it’s cool.

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