Monday, April 28, 2014

"Hi, my name is Scott, and I'm a gamer."

Last weekend I made a feeble attempt to organize all my stuff. There really is no better word for it than stuff. I made some progress, though probably not as much as my wife would like. Or me, really.

Here are some of the boxes that were piled up and at least gone through and the proper bits put in the proper places. This is just the gaming stuff. I fear to show you the modelling stuff. Especially all of the unbuilt Indy car kits. That is just plain scary.

If nothing else, this shows an utter lack of focus. Not uncommon among gamers, for sure. But with so many scattered eras, it's little wonder I never get a game in. Fortunately I have been able to focus on some terrain this year, and certain game sets are well on their way to "legitimate" gaming. CY6, for one, which requires virtually no scenery! And I have the Dark Ages for Saga well in hand for a good game, and am getting close to some more WWII skirmish. AWI and ACW terrain is looking better, too. Some goals there are to finish fences, rivers, roads, etc. Then the Wild West stuff too. Everything else should probably be considered window dressing at this point, but you know that won't last!

In the meantime, the labels show a few of my random approaches to gaming. Some, like the Union, ACW and Confederate, are pretty much full of painted figs. Others, like Aztecs, are fairly minimal, with more unpainted than painted contained therein. At this rate, I will never die, right?

And this doesn't even include my AWI Americans or my 15mm WWI collection, both of which pretty much fill up a banker's box on their own!

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