Monday, March 31, 2014

Taking Stock

Two posts in one day?!? Well, it's a bit of a slow day at work, so I thought I would take advantage by pondering where I stand on the (too many) projects I have.

  • Dark Ages: This is actually pretty good. I have enough Saxons, Vikings and Scots/Picts for Saga. And now I have a nice collection of buildings, including a church, and other terrain bits for a reasonable Saxon village to raid. I even have a long ship, along with some as yet unpainted fortification pieces. In terms of the future here, I have some Normans I would like to paint, and am considering adding some more Irish/Scots/Norse Gaels, and possibly expanding into Russia and/or Spain.
  • AWI: Lots of unpainted stuff here I need to get to. This has always been one of the core periods in the collection, and will remain so. I'm also starting to get a little more terrain here.
  • ACW: Another long-term core project. I'd say if I can get the Perry plastic artillery and plastic cavalry, that would be about all I could ever need or want. I just picked up the Dunker Church from Sarissa Precision, and hope there is more specific ACW stuff coming. Just need to keep plugging along.
  • CY6: This is also a solid period for me, with plenty done to put together some good games. I still have quite a few unpainted planes, and will consider even more. The best thing about CY6 is no additional terrain costs!

OK, those are the "Big Four" that seem to be always on my bench. A few other "close" periods are:
  • Wild West: I have lots of figs, but no good setting. I keep eyeing some of the many laser cut MDF buildings out there. This is mostly an investment issue. If I get the money to get the buildings, this could be pretty much ready to go. I like The Rules With No Name here.
  • WWI: I have lots of 15mm, both early and late war, but still have yet to find a nice rule system that I really like. I picked up CD Test of Battle and the WWI supplement, but it just didn't grab me somehow. Nothing necessarily wrong with it. Probably some more time spent with it would sway me. But with the announcement of WWI 28mm plastics coming from Victrix, I can see the pendulum swinging that way...
  • WWII: Russo-Finnish still seems to get top billing here, and with my investment in the Baker Co. Kickstarter will likely remain so. Getting trucks and tanks will make a big difference there. But Norwegians, Germans, British and French are all on the docket. Some buildings and terrain will make a difference here, too.
  • Pulp: I have some cool minis to paint, and some cool rules (Pulp Alley). Terrain will be key here - and an opponent!
  • FIW: I have some minis to paint, and some buildings together. I even have Muskets & Tomahawks. Just need to get the time!
  • Seminole Wars: Ditto. I have the Seminoles, but need some US regulars. I've started getting some Florida terrain. This could be cool. If I find time!
  • South America Liberators: Fascinating period. Cool minis. Great source material. No buildings. I still want to, but you know how it goes!
  • Naval: I'll lump all this together. WW2 capital ships is pretty set. I'm still tempted by some coastal actions with PT boats though. And then there is Napoleonic naval. I have a couple painted, several more unpainted. Another fascinating period lacking mostly time.

What about those "down the road" type projects?
  • Vietnam: I have a small collection of mostly unpainted minis, with a few more on delayed order. This will be skirmish only. Zero terrain collected for Asia.
  • War of 1812: After playing in Black Powder, this is intriguing. And it is the closest thing to a "local" war for us in Michigan. But look at all these other periods! This may have to wait.
  • Pirates: I just can't bear to get rid of them. 
  • Aztecs: I have a small collection, and have always been fascinated. An adaptation of Saga might be cool. Then I would need terrain. Ugh.
  • Donnybrook: This is a nice looking set of rules and is tempting. I have basically nothing else to start with, other than an interest in the settlement of Quebec in the 17th century. I am sick.
  • Ancient Greeks: I've has some of these 15mm figs hanging around a long time. Some day.
  • Star Wars: Yes, there are still lots of these old minis lying around I would like to do something with. Some day.
  • Crossed Lances: Have you seen this? How cool does this look? Shiny!

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