Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Curse this cold (the sneezy one, not the weather...)

Right after Christmas, right on schedule both kids came down with a bug. And in the spirit of generosity, last week they gave it to me. I muddled through the end of the work week, but by Saturday I was deemed unable to attend my favorite annual gaming convention, Spartacon in Lansing. Grrrr. Of all the rotten luck. I ended up spending a majority of the weekend trying to sleep (amidst kids and dog clamoring over me...). I'm a bit better now, but still coughing and sneezing and tired at night.

As a result, I've gotten precious little done that I intended. But that hasn't stopped me from ordering more minis! Since I missed him at Spartacon, I placed an order to Dave at I-94 yesterday for some more aircraft. My CY6 fleet continues to grow!

Among the other tantalizing temptations at the moment: Coastal warfare (PT boats and all that), Japanese samurai skirmish and, most tempting of all, 17th century Quebec with the forthcoming Donnybrook rules. Too many temptations!!!

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