Monday, March 18, 2013

That "Oh, Crap" Moment

So, while not as bad as grabbing the flat black instead of the clear coat (yes, I've done that too, I think everyone has - or will), I had another one of those moments of enlightenment this weekend that I painted something completely incorrectly. And no, I'm not showing photos. Yet.

First, I did something similar many years ago. I was painting 15 mm Arab camelry for some obscure reason. Got everything done, was ready for clear coat, then paused. I showed my painting buddy and said, "Camels don't have hooves, do they?" He just laughed. Crud. Back to the painting table.

I thought of that story this weekend while looking over my Dark Ages guys for Saga. Some have been painted in the last few weeks, some years ago. All shared a flaw that I never realized before: Shields don't have metal bands, they are leather!!! Oh, crap!

I touched up a few last night, but there are lots of them to go.

Oh, well. Another learning experience. Won't do that again.

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  1. Oh i think we have all been there, like going to spray one colour and then realising you have the wrong can....for me it was more of an "Oh s***" moment..