Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Support Our Suppliers

I got thinking (and my credit card statement reminded me) of just how many orders for hobby materials I have made already in 2013. And I don't know, maybe I'm lucky in this regard, but all distributors have come through with flying colors. I hear many horror stories on TMP and elsewhere about bad experiences, and really, I haven't had any. Here are a few recent highlights:
  • Black Tree Design: Two orders so far for some Saxons, Normans and Vikings for Saga. The first had some backordered items. I merely placed another order in the interim, and the backordered items were promptly shipped along with. John courteously replied to me emails and service couldn't have been better. I know they were super swamped with the big sale. (Isn't there always a big sale at BTD?) A few years ago, I even received a phone call from John to update me on the status of an order. I know some people have ongoing issues, but BTD has always done good by me. Nice figs, too. Highly recommended.
  • Architects of War: Two orders so far, for Saga and supplement, and misc support materials like shield transfers and banners and some Gripping Beast Scots. The rules were a pre-order (out of stock) but as soon as they were in, they shipped. Second order went out super fast. I had never ordered from them before, but will not hesitate to do so again. Double thumbs up!
  • The Warstore: To be succinct, Neal rocks. I think he has super powers. I think he knows what I want and has the package put together, so as soon as I pay for it, it's shipped. I've made two orders there in 2013 for mostly magazines and paint, but have ordered other things previously. Awesome, awesome service. 
  • Waterloo Miniatures: 1/1200 Napoleonic ships is a new thing for me, but Rob at Waterloo has been great. He's exceptional at emailing to make sure exactly what it is I want/need, and his Langton stuff is well worth the wait. Another double thumbs up!
  •  Scale Creep: Just placed an order this week after receiving a prompt reply from Nick on a stock question. This was my first time ordering there, but so far so good. Pretty sure the stuff I ordered is on backorder, but it's nothing urgent and not holding me up. Updates as events warrant.
The same is mostly true for other areas of interest, like NPD for Mustang parts, Mr. Beer and all of the Indy model suppliers, like Lance Sellers, Bill Jorgensen and Indycals, among many others.

So let's support those who support us!

EDIT: Just got an email from Mark at Scale Creep. He had all but one item in stock after all, and the order is on its way! Woot!

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