Monday, April 23, 2012

Irish Brigade: 69th New York

Lest you think this blog has become nothing but an outlet for my p'ing and m'ing, I decided to dig through the archives for something more fun worth posting. Plus we've been void of any good gaming posts for far too long.

So, who among ACW gamers has never had at least a passing interest in the Irish Brigade? Its exploits are well documented, so I won't go into them here. But there is something about this brigade that captures the imagination, no? My goal is to ultimately do the entire brigade, but of course had to start with the core unit, the 69th New York.

Figures are from Redoubt. Actually, this is the first time I painted up any from Redoubt, and I rather liked them. The whole mixed head option is very appealing, and the detail is raised well enough to make them fairly easy to paint, and I find the poses animated and realistic. The end result is rather good and effective. The heads and overall style are quite a bit different than Dixon (which still make up the bulk of my ACW forces), however, and while I don't mind them sharing a table, I think mixing within a unit might look a bit odd.

Paint was the usual standard mix of Polly S, Testors and Vallejo.

I spent the weekend entirely at home, as quite honestly I was just not in the mood for any human interaction whatsoever. I did get a few home-related things done (like mow the lawn), but I also made time for some reading (Hunger Games trilogy) and some hobby-related exercises. These included some more work on the paper Skylab (actually getting close on that) and getting back to some CY6 things. I also placed a small order for some decals and more planes on that front. I know there are some busy weeks and weekends coming up, but we'll see.

And for those of you keeping score at home on the Mustang saga, I respectfully declined the invitation to appear on the Judge Judy show. Call me idealistic and naive, but I just could not come to grips with how quickly he was willing to sell himself out so that someone else would pay his tab. I may never get my money, but going through district court will mean that he himself is held accountable and responsible. What's right is right.

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