Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Confederate Artillery

After yesterday’s post featuring Union artillery, I felt it only fair to give equal time today to a Confederate counterpart. This set is another one painted up some time ago, and it appears to be all Dixon.

The bulk of my ACW collection is infantry, by quite a wide margin. I have some artillery, but not a lot. I have a few more pieces in the pile to paint, but have looked at getting more. The Sash & Saber sets look nice.

As for cavalry, I have some dismounted Union cavalry painted up I should show one of these days, and some unpainted Confederates deep in the pile. No mounted troops, which isn’t a huge issue for ACW, but it would be nice. I’ve had my eye on some Perry plastics for a while. Seems like I say it a lot, but one of these days…

1 comment:

  1. Lovely painting on these, and the previous Union crews. I'm working through lots of Dixon ACW at the moment. I find it can be tricky knowing how best to deal with the large folds in the clothing, but these really look good!

    Best wishes