Monday, November 7, 2016

Here They Come! First Dervishes Done

I finished up my first unit of Dervishes - based individually in a group of 16 for The Men Who Would Be Kings. These are from 19th Century Miniatures/Old Glory 15s and are very nice indeed. About five or six poses with spears and the same with swords, with some nice leader poses as well. Hardly any flash - just a few "spears" at some points, but virtually none on mold lines or anything like that. Good detail, and they are painting up nicely. I am very pleased with them.

I don't know how accurate I am on colors and such, but they look good to me. They are painted with a base coat of Vallejo off white, washed with pale gray and then spotted up with "patches" using fine tip Sharpie and artist pens.

Once I get another hundred or so painted up, the mob view will probably be more impressive than any individual color element anyway.

So there. Keeping busy on the Sudan project!

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