Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What If.... Han Didn't Even Make It to Episode VII?

We all have one of those moments. The one where despite the odds, the little fellas on the table top do the inexplicable, based on the whims of the dice.

In our circle, the classic example is the time my friend Ben's elite Hessian grenadiers ran screaming in terror from my rag tag American militia. (OK, Ben, roll anything BUT a 99 or 100...) Or the time my Scots Highlanders fled at the sight of some French in the Peninsula before even firing a shot.

Saturday, it was Jon's turn. He lost the Millennium Falcon. (Insert face palm here.)

Following our WW2 coastal game, he taught me how to play Star Wars X-Wing. I'd been wanting to try it out for a while, and I have to say, it's a blast! In the first game, he gave me an X-Wing and a B-Wing up against two TIEs and an TIE interceptor. Call it beginner's luck, but I blasted all three in no time.

So we decided to set up a "historical" scenario. He put Chewbacca in the pilot's seat of the Falcon, with Han and Luke at the guns as they tried to spirit Princess Leia away from the Death Star a la Episode IV. I took the TIEs, and let's just say the rebel base on Yavin's moon is secure since the Empire was unable to use the tracking device placed aboard the Falcon. And Vader never meets his son or daughter. Jabba never gets paid. Kylo Ren never gets born. You get the idea.

"I'm taking an awfully big risk with this, Vader."
He lost the Falcon!!! My dice rolls were uncommonly good in this one, and with only one defense die, he took hits almost every turn. Poor Chewie just couldn't get them out of the way!

So at 2-0, we set up game three, and his X-Wing and B-Wing took care of my TIEs in an asteroid field without much difficulty, saving some pride.

Overall, loved the game. It has a very elegant plot and move system, and the attack and defense mechanism is simple once you figure out what the symbols mean. We didn't go for any upgrades or anything, but I will. Since I will be getting this game. My kids and I are hooked on the Rebels series, so we'll for sure want the Ghost and Inquisitor's TIE fighter.

And did I mention the minis are gorgeous? Verrrry impressive detail with exceptional paint jobs. Good stuff!

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of February game day coming soon...

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