Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bay City Model Show 2013

Yesterday I attended the Mid-Michigan Model Makers annual show and contest in Bay City. As usual, it was a cold, windy and snowy day, but I made it without mishap.

I gave serious consideration to entering my HMS Trafalgar, but in the end I did not. Mostly I just don't like hanging around all afternoon waiting for the judging. I go, look at the cool stuff, buy a few things and leave. The ship entry area was once again small, with a large-scale Skipjack, a runabout and a German E-boat. That was it.

There was a surprising (to me, anyway) number of figures entered, like Batman, Spiderman and such. Also a fair amount of fictional space vehicles, including a nice set of three generations of BSG Vipers. Only one space shuttle, though. I need to get going on my space stuff...

A lot of nice aircraft, tanks and cars. Not many race cars, though, and no NASCAR, which surprised me.

As for purchases, I got a nice old pack of three Airfix WWI planes - a Sopwith Pup, Bristol F2B and a DIII Albatros. On the car side, I picked up a Moebius Fabulous Hudson Hornet, which has become hard to find, as well as a Polar Lights Petty Torino Talladega (also hard to find now) and an old Monogram Regal. Can't have too many of those.

Without further ado, the photos.

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