Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sort of Sums it Up

Apologies for the negligence in updates. The usual suspects are to blame. General summer malaise. Travel to visit the wife's family. The Olympics. And, of course, work.

What is my work, you ask? If you will forgive me a sidestep from the advertised purpose of this blog, I am a copywriter for a business to business marketing communications firm. The vast majority of my work is for a global company I'd guess many of you have heard of. They were an Olympic sponsor, after all. I've been pushing hard to get a certain automotive supplier in the fold, and some small progress is being made. Fingers crossed on that.

We also do some work for smaller clients, including an area golf course/conference center/restaurant. In this example, I am the writer of the epic prose, while a colleague orchestrated the stunning artwork and design. See it? Please note that my company was not responsible for placement.

Always good to see our efforts are appreciated. (Oh, and did I mention this is on a one-way street, with traffic flowing in the opposite direction? You just can't make this stuff up. I certainly hope they got a good price from the billboard company.)

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