Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Here Come the Irish!

Don't mess with the Irish!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day! Seemed like a good time to post some pics of my Irish warband for Saga. This has been an interesting one. It's a mix of Footsore, Crusader and Wargames Atlantic. That's right, plastics. My first real big dive into plastics. Overall, I really like them!

These were fairly quick and easy to paint. Lots of earth tones, and not a lot of gear. Shield transfers are from Relic Miniatures out of Canada and worked very well.

I have ordered some more slingers from Footsore, but otherwise this is basically ready for the table. Watch out, Viking raiders! The Irish are ready.

The full warband so far

King Brian Boru himself.


Could not resist this!

Is there a better name than Ulf the Quarrelsome?


Wargames Atlantic look good

Would not want to meet him in a dark alley.

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